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I posted a while back another data science gig offering $100/hour. It is rare to have the hourly rate advertised, so here I share again a message received from a recruiter today, in my mailbox. This rate is pretty good too, because it's on W2 (payroll, equivalent to $160,000 per year salary). The role description is very vague, and I kind of like it - it opens up the pool of applicants, I think, and they don't seem to be picky about a specific programming language, platform or environment.

Subject: Big Data - Minimum 6 Months. Plano, TX - Roswell, GA - Palo Alto, CA

Greetings Vincent,

Candidate will have to be open to relocation. RATE - $80/hr W2 Locations: TX, CA, GA. Open to Skype Interview for Non-Local Candidates *** this is an onsite position *** ( Plano, TX - Roswell, GA - Palo Alto, CA) Please send your resume over to [email protected] if interested.

A data scientist spends long hours collecting and analyzing data to spot trends and help a company face the challenges of an evolving customer base and changing marketplace.

Detailed summary of the roles and responsibilities using the corporate 70/30% match.

  • Identifies unique opportunities to collect new data.
  • Designs new processes and builds large, complex data sets.
  • Strategizes new uses for data and its interaction with data design.
  • Locates new data sources, analyzes statistics and implements quality procedures.
  • Performs data studies of new and diverse data sources.
  • Finds new uses for existing data sources.
  • Conducts statistical modeling and experiment design. Discovers “stories” told by...

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