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This article was published in Inforworld. It focuses on jobs that are not deeply analytics (so it does not include data scientist, statistician, data miner etc.) It's mostly data reporting and administration jobs.

Some highlights:

  • The corporate appetite for big data is translating into rising salaries for IT pros. In its 2014 Salary Guide, RHT (Robert Half Technology) identifies 10 IT jobs in the data/data administration field. The highest paying is data warehouse manager, with starting salaries ranging from $115,250 to $154,250. The biggest raise goes to business intelligence analysts, who can expect a 7.4 percent boost this year. Read on to learn more about the salaries, skills requirements and typical duties of 10 data-centric IT jobs.
  • The highest paying job on RHT’s list is the data warehouse manager, which commands a starting salary in the range of $115,250 to $154,250 (a gain of 5.9percent compared to 2013). It’s a role that requires a range of technical and managerial skills, including in-depth background in database theory and practice, hands-on experience in data warehousing tools and architecture, strong analytic abilities, project management experience, and technical proficiency in database languages and applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.
  • The second highest-paying role in RHT’s ranking is data architect, a senior position that requires strong analytic and creative skills plus knowledge of data systems and database methodology, design, and modeling (starting salary: $111,750 - $153,750, a gain of 7.2 percent). The data architect is responsible for planning and coordinating data resources. Working knowledge of network management, application architecture, and performance management is highly valued, RHT says. Employers typically expect experience with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, or other databases in operating system environments, including Unix, Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Read full article with 12 bullets. Read other salary surveys on AnalyticBridge.

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