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Very interesting study done by a recruiting firm. Of course these are mostly payroll salaries in US (it includes consultants) and is not representative of the whole profession. But this 47-page PDF document is worth downloading.

I disagree with one statement. They mention that if a big data professional is at a senior job level but has not yet obtained US citizenship, it is often a sign that he has made strategic errors  in the advancement of his career, and his salary might reflect this. In my case (I'm married to a US citizen since 2000), I never found the time to apply for citizenship; however, my revenue  is far above average, not below (I'm not on any payroll and out of reach of recruiters). While this prevents me from getting a government-related job that requires a security clearance (despite being a leading expert in fraud detection), it allows me to publish everything I want about military intelligence and risk-related stuff, via my Think Tank / Idea Factory. One great advantage is that, unlike Snowden, I don't have access to classified information (and I don't want access, not even accidental access). Thus, I can't be accused of treason, no matter what I publish or sell.

Here are a few highlights:

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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for posting. Can you please explain what is captured by the different "Job Levels"?



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