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Interesting analysis compiled by Burning Glass with Brookings Institution economist Jonathan Rothwell in July, from thousands of American job ads. We separated out programming languages from a broader list of tech skills we looked at in an earlier piece. Here's the highlight:

Read full report. It would be interesting to look at the top paying combinations of two programming skills: is Ruby + Python > Ruby + Objective C? The data set might not be big enough to get to this granularity level, though I'm sure most job ads lists at least 2 programming skills. For data scientists, Python + R + SQL is really nice to have, and I'd add Java if you can, then maybe C/C++ or SAS.

On a different note, IEEE Spectrum published in July a list of most popular languages (not sure if it is popular in engineer circles in US, or for software engineers in general). Click here for details. Anyway, for us analytic practitioners, it's good to know that Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, Matlab, Perl, R, Scala and SAS made it to the top 30, see below:

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