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Hourly rate advertised by real statistical consultants, published on

  • Michael Chernick - $150
  • Joseph Hilbe - $200
  • Robert A. LaBudde - $150
  • Bryan Manly - $130
  • James Rutledge - $200
  • Tom Ryan - $125
  • Randall E. Schumacker - $200

Question: what metrics influence hourly rates? Obvious ones such as experience, location or the complexity of the project, and non obvious ones, such as whether or not you wear eye glasses. Then there is your official rate (advertised on your website or kept secret) and the actual rate, after offering discounts or working extra hours for free. Or outsourcing to another consultant.

My hourly rate is typically below $5/hour although I live in US: I only accept projects that I can significantly automate, thus my low (artificial) rate.  Most of my competitors charge for human time, while I charge based on different metrics. Client is happy though, since I only work on projects where I can deliver more, faster and for cheaper than competitors.

Statistical litigation is an area that pays up to several thousands of dollars per day, though it's typically human time and it involves travels and testifying in court (and losing many potential business friends) to command the highest rates. Being an expert witness is like Krokodil: there's no way back, once you started, you'll be expert witness till you retire, no one else (but lawyers) will want to hire you ever again.

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