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This salary study is for predictive analytics professionals. The new study contains only salary and demographics collected in the 12 months after our Big Data salary study (click here or on this link for references), ending in April 2014. It is based on 1,586 participants in more than 750 different companies located throughout the United States. 


Sixty percent of the sample consists of individual contributors.  Their median base salary is $95,000, and 71% are eligible for a bonus.  The median bonus received is $11,000.   The other 40% of the sample are managers.  Their median base salary is $145,000, and 91% are eligible for a bonus.  The median bonus received is $27,400.  

Compensation also depends on whether a PAP (Predictive Analytic Professional) has a Ph.D. and on the region and industry of employment.  Generally, PAPs working in the Northeast and on the West Coast are paid more than other PAPs, and PAPs working for consulting firms are paid more than those working in other industries. Also, as the 2013 study found, entry‐level individual contributors who are not U.S. citizens are more highly compensated than those who are.


  • For PAPs in all job categories, base salaries reported during the past year are greater than those summarized in last year’s study.   
  • Salaries of level 1 individual contributors increased the most.    The median of salaries reported by these PAPs increased by 14%.  For other job categories, the increase in median salary varied from less than 1% to 6%.
  • 34% of all PAPs are non‐U.S. citizens with F‐1/OPT, H‐1B, green card, or another visa that allows them to work in the U.S.

PAPs continue to realize substantial increases in pay when they change jobs.   Among the 139 PAPs in the sample who changed jobs in the past year, the median base salary increase was 13%, about the same as the median increase shown by the 2013 study.  More than half of the base salary increases exceeded 10%.  

Click here to get the full study. And click here to view breakdown by education. To read other salary surveys for big data and data science practitioners, click here

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