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In continuation of our series exploring the data science community, we are now exploring salary patterns of data scientists. The below chart shows data from & the top 10 locations with the highest concentration of data scientists.

The median of these top 10 cities is between $142,000 to $148,000/year. The higher end of the scale is in New York & San Francisco which reflects the demand from employers as well as the relative costs of living there. At the lower end of the scale is Austin, LA & Seattle.

We explored salary trends for three other common analytics job titles: Director, Marketing Analytics, Manager Analytics & Analytics Engineer. We found the same location salary differentials with New York & San Francisco being the highest & Austin, Seattle & LA being at the lower end.

While we found that Director level positions having a roughly $10,000 difference from Data scientists across locations but they were paid about $5-$15,000 more than Managers of Analytics. Among the 4 job titles we studied, we found that analytics engineers were the lower paid and ranges from $102,000 in Austin to $147,000 in New York.

We wanted to do a quick survey among the Data Science Central community members to benchmark salaries among various job titles, industries & locations with the larger data set. The survey shouldn’t take more than a minute to fill out and when we have a large sample set, we can share the data back with the community.

To take the survey: please click on this link

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