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What’s the one skill more data scientists wish they had? What kind of career track or employment options can young analysts count on as they seek professional opportunities? Based on responses from 400+ data industry professionals, the 2012 Data Scientist Salary Survey asked questions about education, experience, location, and skills. We wanted to learn more about the skills crucial to data scientists today, as well as to get a sense for the challenges and tools that the next generation of data professionals can expect to work with.

The answers we received were surprising; for instance, on-the-job experience in data science was a better predictor of salary than formal education. And who would have guessed that in a male-dominated industry (85% of our respondents were men) women earn slightly more, on average?

More information on these stats, as well as a variety of other answers, is available in the survey findings, which is available as a free download here.


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Interesting survey, but the "women earn sightly more than men on average" is a misleading interpretation of the data. The average is a mere 1k/annum more for females compared to males, and is within the standard deviation for both groups (I have not done the calculations, but if looking at the shape of the salary distribution is anything to go by...) - so it is not really a statistically valid "difference" at all.


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