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Here's a very interesting 2012 job data compiled by We'll produce a similar analysis based on LinkedIn job ads. Our analysis will have a salary range for each job posted, based (probably) on Payscale numbers. 

This analysis is based on about 4,000 job titles from job ads recently posted on Dice etc. It shows which skills are most in demand. Click on the link below (CSV file) to view the report.


Job Matrix Meta Data
Files Analyzed
The above files contain the contents of job postings on the internet as of the dates of those files; matrix.xlsm is the result of processing by a script that searches for the presence (1) or absence (0) of keywords
Matrix-pub.csv is a public comma-delimited version of matrix.xlsm, sorted by number of keywords (jobs with fewer than 2 keywords removed).  Currently not counting "OR" as a keyword since the script is finding
too many non-relevant instances.
Stan Blank, PhD
[email protected]     Copyright 2012
[email protected]
612 N. Jackson Street
Arlington, VA  22201
(703) 522-5410
Conditions of use:
These data may be copied, modified, redistributed, and published subject to the following conditions:
1. is acknowledged as the original source
2.  Any modifications or analyses not originating with are clearly identified
3.  The results of any analyses, and any suggestions for improvements, are shared with (contact: Stan Blank, [email protected]

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