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Published in Business Insider this month, based on numbers - a big data company collecting and selling salary data, located in Seattle (I once interviewed with them).

New data from PayScale reports that the median salary for math majors is $70,900 — compared to a median salary of $58,600 for all college grads. Some professions, such as data scientists and quantitative analysts, are even higher, with median salaries upwards of $100,000.

My comment:

These numbers are for US only. I was surprised to see that a bachelor degree is the most common degree level for data scientists (#1 in this salary scale), while data modelers (#4) typically have a master. I've seen other salary surveys (see references below) that put data scientists above $125k/year.

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Hard to tell exactly what the population base is of this analysis. The footnotes found elsewhere state that Payscale analyzed the salaries of those with 5-8 years who majored in math, yet the Data Scientist, IT category (#1) is tabled at 8% math majors (the lowest), which would imply that they are in fact, NOT math geeks, at least when compared with the others in the group (e.g Sr. Actuary 40%)


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