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Calling R, C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Perl, etc. from a SAS program

What about a Perl script calling SAS, R, C++, C# etc. rather than SAS calling these languages? Wouldn't it be easier? What are the pluses / minuses?

I'm used to write Perl scripts to pre-process messy data (text mining) and produce summary tables, then feed the clean summary tables to SAS. What do SAS engineers think about this strategy?

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Hi Ajay,

I'm leading a project where we do some similar things calling SAS from a VBA macro in Excel. We don't use any SAS add ins only SAS Base v 9.1.

I've experienced a problem where the connection to SAS is to slow or the execution time in SAS is to long and the VBA macro continues to run (the connection and SAS code is run from the VBA macro).

I'm supposed to import a SAS table into an Excel sheet and then modify the numbers in the sheet but since the connection to SAS is to slow the VBA macro is trying to modify numbers in a sheet that hasn't been imported yet.

Have you had similar problems? How did you handle it?

Tomas, you can use the approach demostrated here. Download the Shell and Wait Example.
Thanks Alexander! I think this is what I've been looking for.


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