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According to Michael Raithel from (Source: SAS-L)

1. Tuning SAS Applications in the MVS Environment, by Michael A. Raithel

2. Tuning SAS Applications in the OS/390 and z/OS Environment, Second
Edition, by Michael A. Raithel

3. The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes, by Michael A. Raithel

4. A second copy of Tuning SAS Applications in the OS/390 and z/OS
Environment, Second Edition, by Michael A. Raithel to lend out to your

5. A second copy of The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes, by Michael A.
Raithel, to lend out to your work-mates.

I would order them, right away from the SAS Press bookstore!

Once you have the above-mentioned stellar, well-written, nicely paced,
extremely informative books on your bookshelf, I would recommend the
following five:

1. Learning SAS By Example: A Programmer's Guide, by Ron Cody

2. Output Delivery System: The Basics, by Lauren Haworth

3. Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Second Edition,
by Art Carpenter

4. Proc SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, by Kirk Lafler

5. The "Companion" to SAS for the environment that you will be primarily
executing SAS in; e.g. The SAS Companion for Unix Environments.

Of course, all of these opinions and insights are my own, and do not
reflect those of my organization or my associates. All SAS code and/or
methodologies specified in this posting are for illustrative purposes
only and no warranty is stated or implied as to their accuracy or
applicability. People deciding to use information in this posting do so
at their own risk.

Comment from Vincent Granville: if you are a beginner, then The Little SAS
is a must. Very compact (less than 200 pages), very good

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If you are looking into being a SAS programmer in the pharmaceutical/device industry, I recommend SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Jack Shostak. This book covers the tasks you would want to perform in the industry: analysis datasets, table/listing production, figures, CDISC, import/export, ODS, and even a few tips and tricks for the embellishments that companies expect on their statistical displays.

I need a book for intermediate to advanced level for SAS, what would you advice? One of these three books?

1. Combining and Modifying SAS Data Sets: Examples
2. Debugging SAS Programs: A Handbook of Tools and Techniques
3. Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide

Thanks for your help.

I don't know these particular books. It's hard to say. There are a lot of books out there! Everyone will give a different definition of what is advanced SAS programming, and include those topics. Certainly you will want to learn SAS macro programming. Take a look at the certification books published by SAS. Those are the ones I use for reference.

-Ralph Winters
Thanks for your advices Ralph!
Hi all!

I would add also to the list this one: Survival Analysis Using The SAS System : A Practical Guide by Allison, P.D
Great book!


If you want to learn about SAS Business Intelligence or writing SAS Stored Processes then check out these titles:

One of my new favorite books is from Art Carpenter:


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