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I have been using SAS Enterprise Miner for data mining, which I like. I wondered what products others are using, including open-source and how do they compare?

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Ricardo Silva

Consultant at Private Consultant

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Rapid Miner and Knime are excellent open source alternatives.

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Louis A. Tucci, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Of Marketing at The College Of New Jersey and Higher Education Consultant

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Statistica offers great depth in data mining. JMP is more limited,
but it has great graphics.



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Abhijit Dasgupta

Principal Statistician at ARAAstat

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R has a wide variety of packages that covers the data mining algorithms included in Enterprise Miner

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Bjorn Fick

Data and Process Management: Hollard Insurance Company Limited

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Hi, three good sites to read: (very comprehensive)

In a nutshell Rapid Miner & SAS

Bjorn Fick

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David Mangen
David Mangen

President at Mangen Research Associates, Inc. and Owner, Mangen Research Associates, Inc.

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How much value do you feel Enterprise Miner adds over and above a well-equipped SAS/STAT/GRAPH/IML/OR installation?

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Mike Pearmain

Senior Statistical Analyst at Google

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+1 for R proposed from Abhijit

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Ralph Winters
Ralph Winters

Data Analytics,SAS BI Development,Fortune Teller

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Agree that SAS EM is a good product. However one product that seems to be neglected in these kind of threads is the Oracle Data Mining platform, which enables data mining directly within the database, without requiring an external connection or extract, which improves performance and scalability. In addition to excellent OLAP capabilities, it also offers typical DM algorithms such as Native Bayes, regression, Kmeans clustering, and tight integration with Java API's.

-Ralph Winters

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Michael Wexler

VP of Web Analytics and BI at Barnes & Noble

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I think you will find most enterprise databases including analytic capabilities. Besides ODM, MS SQL Server also has data mining and scoring built in. Asterdata and other new entries are building in capabilities as well. In the open source DB world, many like how PostgreSQL has the ability to embed R and other languages.

But another option is the new world of cloud-based mining systems, like Zementis ( ) or Data Applied ( ). I suspect by this time next year, we'd have a list of 20 web-based SAAS approaches that we like as this field rapidly grows...

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Michael Kemery
Michael Kemery

Research Analyst

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Weka is pretty good, although I'd use the rWeka library.

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Vincent Granville
Vincent Granville you

BI, Web Mining, Ad Optimization, Fraud Detection, Scoring

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I've designed my own tools (hidden decision trees) for scoring purposes, and they will soon be available online and able to process "on the fly" data sets that are too large for R to handle. It will be available via an API / SaaS.


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The open source data mining software RapidMiner is an alternative to SAS Enterprise Miner:

Introductory video about RapidMiner 5: The most important new features of the completely re-designed new version of the most widely used open source data mining softare RapidMiner:

KDnuggets Polls 2007, 2008, and 2009: RapidMiner is among the top 3 data mining tools worldwide and the leading open source data mining software:

Download and use RapidMiner Community Edition free of charge (no license costs) for unlimited data mining, text mining, web mining, predictive analytics, time series analysis and forecasting:

Get professional support with guaranteed response times and all the guarantees you need with the RapidMiner Enterprise Edition directly from the RapidMiner team:

Why pay five or six digits amounts in license fees if there is no need to do so?
Give it a try and let us help you to get started!

Best regards,
Ralf Klinkenberg

Hi, Ralf:
It sounds cool. My question is that can I use your community version for my business problem? Another question I have is that do you offer any training course in the US at all besides in Germany? I am totally new to it and would appreciate it if you can help me get started fast in the learning process. Thanks a lot.


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