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The level of knowledge and understanding of Statistics as well as Statistical programming is woefully low in Africa, As a Ghanaian and a Statistician, I found it very intrigueing to see university undergraduate in Statistics who have little or no knowledge about the career opportunities in Statistics. The recruitment commmunity in Africa hardly mention the word statistics or Statistician, but the jobs specs of most analytical opportunities begs for the skill of a professional statistician.
The question therefore is, what can we those already trained and working abroad do to help improve the image of our profession in Africa?

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I am sorry, I have not being able to reply to your mail for so long. I have been busy on other issue as well as doing some travels. I thank you very much for your advice and interest in the development of statistics and programming in Africa. I was at the SAS Users forum 2013 in Johannesburg from 2nd to 3rd October, and I learned a lot.  Let me hear from you so that we can take things forward.


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