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The level of knowledge and understanding of Statistics as well as Statistical programming is woefully low in Africa, As a Ghanaian and a Statistician, I found it very intrigueing to see university undergraduate in Statistics who have little or no knowledge about the career opportunities in Statistics. The recruitment commmunity in Africa hardly mention the word statistics or Statistician, but the jobs specs of most analytical opportunities begs for the skill of a professional statistician.
The question therefore is, what can we those already trained and working abroad do to help improve the image of our profession in Africa?

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The project Statistical/SAS programming in Africa is alive and kicking and we need more supporters. I have had a lot of emails from a lot of people wishing to give their support but we still need more brains and ideas, please let' us hear from you.
Hey Kwaku,

I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo and I really appreciate your initiative. As said earlier, SAS is a commercial software and the knowledge spillover wouldn't be so fast as when using free open source software like R. Anyway, since you are keen on SAS, start with it and let me know when you need help for R.

Good luck !!!
R is great, but I have a lot resources on SAS, please tell me more about R and how we can use it, I am looking for ideas, I am happy to speak to you or better travel to Congo and have some time with the statisticians there.
OMG!!Where has this discussion been all my life.
I will speak for undergraduate statistics students in Kenya.
Most of the things we learn in class are statistical concepts with almost no classes on statistical computing/programming.
Mark, Great to hear from you, I have been in Kenya before when I had a working holiday with the Ugandan Virus Research institute in Entebe, I really want to know how it is going on there even if i have to come and speak to some statisticians. Tell me more about the state of statistics and statistical programming in Kenya. Thanks
Actually most practitioners work for major international research institutions (a handful). I have never heard of independent consultants.every org and company needs a department to crunch its numbers basically for decision making.
Alot needs to be done
The big question is how can you sell Analytics in AFRICA?
The answer to your questions is, the reason why we are gathering ideas from all statisticians and all allied statistician interested in helping with the development of statistics in Afirca, we need to discuss and meet at a point in time to decide on appropriate measure to take this forward
Can't agree more

I run a niche SAS-oriented Analytics/Risk business in South Africa. There is a fair amount of work in financial services, although I must admit the some recent graduates are amazed at how poor the understanding of statistics and data mining is within both business and other sectors.


I just attended the SAS Users forum 2013 in Johannesburg, and the focus was on big data and visual analytics and I think the point of training and motivating the data science concept was well made.


I have a tuition program for small groups in Accra on Weekends and Evenings. Anyone interested in joining can get in touch at [email protected],  @KwakuDamoah on twitter or connect me on skype kwaku.damoah . There is also the possibility of running the training in your workplace, and in a block of days in other countries. It is flexible.


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