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What are the SAS procedures that you use most in your daily work?

Which modules? Which procedures? What is your industry?

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As a SAS Analytics Pro user, I mostly use SAS Bases's data steps, proc sql, proc freq, SAS/Stat's proc logistic. I use all these procedures in conjunction with a self-written library of SAS Macro code.
My industry is retail credit scorecards development.

I use  proc sort,compare,format,report,tabulate,transpose.

I mostly use Proc sql, proc varclus, proc format, prof freq, proc summary, proc report, proc means, proc transpose, proc export and proc append. My industry is retail.
Primarily: Base, Macro, SQL, Stat.
Procedures: A lot of data steps, sql procedures, transpose, freq, univariate, summary, means etc...
Often things are sitting behind macro's though implying frequent use of call symput and symget, addressing dictionary tables, call execute, sysfunc, etc...
Industry: Pharma: Stat. Programming.
SAS EG. Lot of data step manipulations - day to day use PROC sql, cluster, standard, glm, freq, univariate
Industry: Retail
Data step, Proc SQL, Proc Logistic, cluster.
Industry: online retail.
Modules: EG, EM, DI Studio
Proc: freq, means, macro, etc.
Industry: Telco
hi sandro could u pls suggest DI STUDIO RESOURCES to learn
Data step, means/summary, report, sql, transpose, lifetest, reg/glm, mixed, logistic, genmod, gplot. Sometimes use nlin, iml.
Most use SAS procedures
1) Proc Sql
2) proc format;
3) proc cluster;
4) proc logistics
5) proc reg
5) proc life test
6) proc phreg
7) proc factor
8) proc PCA
9) proc corr
10)proc freq
11) proc import
12) proc export
13) proc append
14) proc glm
My Industry is predictive/statistical modelling.
Hi All,
I am attaching a file which will help in data analysis and modelling using R. Please send me your feedback and comments.
data step; proc sql, means, freq, transpose, univariate, tabulate, report.
industry: online retail


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