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Here are a few interesting KPI's:
  • Average session duration
  • Proportion of active versus passive behavior (active = posting a blog, inviting a thread; passive = browsing, reading articles)
  • New members per week, with breakdown US vs. non US
  • Average number of groups per member
  • Average number of friends per member
  • Number of page views per user (per member) per month
  • Time to last visit (average; per user; per member)
  • Open rate per newsletter
  • Number of subscribers / new subscribers to newsletter
  • Proportion of inactive members (define inactive)

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Lika your start. It seems from your suggested KPIs that they cover many different situations och online environments.
- The membership measuerement is valid for formal memberships lika MySpace, groups in Facebook, Ning etc.
- Newsletter and subscribers are more focused on web sites, than for instance Facebook groups?
- Active versurs passive behaviors are very different depending on situation, do you think the same KPI could be used on forums, online social networks, websites, blogs, and also mirco blogs?

Would love to have your reflections.
At least 1 measure should use median instead of average:
* the number of friends per member
because there is a power distribution. If You are using average, the activity is strongly underestimated.

I am also not sure if average time to last visit can be considered as a measure of activity. Do anybody know what is the typical distribution of such variable?


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