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Hi all. I'm now currently looking in Splunk and Tableau.

May I know how different Splunk is to Tableau. I've tried downloading and using Splunk and I find it quite different from Tableau. 

What does Splunk addresses on? What can it do?

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at the highest level:  Tableau is a visualization tool that can connect to structured databases.  Splunk is an end to end solution that reliably collects, indexes and provides visualization on unstructured, semi-structured data in real-time.  

Tableau relies on the data model, normalization of data which requires an upfront schema that needs to be defined as well as ETL processing (if needed) for the structured data.  From a querying standpoint, Tableau offers more "pivot" like functionality which focuses on navigating the data.

Splunk has schema on the fly and there is no RDBMS in the backend.  Splunk provides the ability to explore, analyze and vizualize the data with a search box where users can search for individual event or write search commands to correlate and search/report/set alerts on the values.

Disclaimer: I work for Splunk.

Hi Rahul, thanks for replying. 

May I know for Tableau, it can easily connect the SSAS cubes. What if I wants to connect to them in Splunk, can it be done? 

The functions in Splunk and Tableau is somehow different. 

depends on what you would like to do.  cubes involve writing MDX and I do not believe we support that.  you can try one of the SDKs that come from Splunk

So I will have to write Scripting if I wants to connect to any other data sources that Splunk do not support on it? The SDKs from splunk is a scripting tools to write programming languages?

Sorry. I am very new to splunk. Still exploring out. 

Does the free Splunk support API and SDK ?


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