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Google Analytics vs. Urchin 6.0 -- which is better for enterprise analytics?

My company's interactive agency has suggested that, instead of Google Analytics, we should utilize Urchin 6.0. They claim that it's more suited for enterprise-class analytics.

I've already been reading some material about the differences between the two, but am interested to know what you think.

For instance, the Urchin features page states that it cannot collect information through tags. Although Vincent made a good point (in another thread, stating that server logs and tagging bring the best of both worlds), I'm now hesitant to proceed with a solution that might not provide specific, granular information that tagging (presumably) provides.

So ... is Urchin really better for enterprise-class analytics? Is it "better" than GA?

Thank in advance,

dave (dot) morse (at) gmail (dot) com

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