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Has anyone done A/B testing to see which color or font scheme works best depending on the country? For instance, pastel colors (blue / green) tend to attract Indians, red attracts Chinese, and more neutral colors attract Americans. This is what we found on AnalyticBridge: our new color scheme (more neutral) attracts more Americans to sign up.

Do you know of any websites that are testing colors for geo-targeting? Do you think that one day, Google India will have different fonts and colors on the webpage (I'm not talking about the logo), than say Google Germany? Would geo-targeting based on color cause branding problems (brand dilution)?

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I have not done any A/B testing, but I find the subject very interesting.

Colors are metadata. They carry cultural messages.

Colors are physical. They can make the text easier to read or cause eye strain.

But I think that we (as a world) are developing a common "color" language. It seems like many websites use blue to communication "we can be trusted". is a popular "business" social network site for French speakers. They use blue, yellow, green and orange. (popular with English speakers for work related social networking) uses blue and orange.

The most popular social media website in China,, uses blue and green. (second most popular in China) does use red, but they don't overload the website with this color.

I think the most important color is white. The amount of white space around text and images helps me quickly read/understand. And the font has to be easy to read.
Have not done any A/B testing but this was a consideration when I was working in international marketing for education. You also need to be careful to avoid bad luck or colours which mean a particular thing to a country - for example one x communist country did not like red.


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