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Free advice worth $500MM to Google.

Replace the Google search box that has only one field (the search keyword) with a search box that has two fields:
  • Search keyword
  • I am looking for
    • Jobs
    • Purchase a product
    • Comparing products - not ready to purchase yet
    • Definitions (non commercial information - stuff like Wikipedia)
    • Sample code
    • Checking my competitors
    • Earning a degree
    • ...
For instance, when someone is searching for "data mining" on Google, there might be very different user intents. Showing results from the "Sample code" category to someone in the "jobs" category, is a waste of money, both for Google and its advertisers -- and it makes a terrible user experience.

So I believe that Google should directly ask users what their intent is, in the search box, in addition to using mathematical algorithms to guess what the user intent is.

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Could a company wrap around google with the second search box and create that value?
I guess we'll hardly see that coming, because of the ease of use of only one search box.
Two boxes add complexity to the user.

Rather than doing that, I think Google will infere keyword and intent from text entered in the same search box. They will recognize which text refers to keyword and which text refers to intent.

Or maybe offer that categorization once results from only one search box are presented.
I believe Google already has something like this under the "Advanced Search" option. I doubt many people use that because it slows things down quite a bit. Google is all about search volume -> ads volume -> money volume.
The structured search is also counterintuitive to people's unstructured language habits. So instead of saying "blackberry", you can just say "blackberry fruit" to differentiate from the phone. People have been trained by Google (and other search engines) to think in terms of keywords refinement already.


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