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Our research has found a strong correlation between the number of daily "likes" on Google+, and the Google search impression volume for the web sites receiving these "likes".
So, if you can generate fake "likes" without being detected by Google, you can easily boost the amount of free traffic (free impressions / free clicks) you get from Google.

One way to proceed is to

  • hire a few interns,
  • ask them to create a few Google+ accounts (say 10 per intern),
  • have the interns connect among themselves on Google+ to gain Google credibility and boost the correlation mentioned above (Google+ accounts with zero connection have low credibility),
  • have these interns share links from your website on Google+, 
  • have these interns like your links shared by your other interns

For data scientists, an interesting question is how to detect these "like" farms.


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This sounds great? Has anyone else tried this?


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