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How WEB 2.0 technologies-blogging,Facebook, Twitter etc., are affecting today's Business Models.

Hi All,

I'm currently undertaking a Research Project at University and I would really appreciate your opinions on how you foresee changes occurring in business models today as a result of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other web 2.0 technologies.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and documenting them in my research project.

Regards & Thanks,

Thomas Walsh

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thats a million dollar question isnt it. In my organisation (education), we have touch our toe in the water here and there with things like blogs, some groups such as research are doing twitter feeds for new research activity. Our marketing division is trying to work out how much effort to put into various community sites. Also it has been interesting to see our leaders responding to some groups which have been set up in facebook. (about a negative comment regarding a change to semesters).

Good luck with your project.
Thanks you for that - appreciate the reply


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