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The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database (WBCD) is a widely studied (and publicly available) data set from the field of breast cancer diagnostics. The creators of this database, Wolberg, Street, Heisey and Managasarian, made an important contribution with their research towards automating diagnostics with image processing and machine learning.

Beyond the medical field, many statisticians and computer scientists have proposed a wide range of classification models based on WBCD. Such new methods have continuously raised the benchmark in terms of diagnostic performance.

Our white paper now reevaluates the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database within the framework of Bayesian networks, which, to our knowledge, has not been done before. We demonstrate how the BayesiaLab software can extremely quickly — and simply — create a Bayesian network model that is on par performance-wise with virtually all existing models that have been developed from WBCD over the last 15 years.

Download the white paper (PDF) here.

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