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Andreas Betz
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Job Function:
Biostatistics, SAS, Other
Pharmaceutical Industry
Short Bio:
I am a laboratory scientist trained in enzyme kinetics and physical chemistry looking for a job in scientific data analysis.
LinkedIn Profile:
Finding a New Position



340 Sugartown Road Phone: 610 687 3861
Devon, PA 19087 [email protected]


• Self-starting Ph. D. scientist with nine years experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
• Versed user of data analysis software Excel, R, Origin, Prism and Dynafit.
• SAS certified professional (SAS9 base programming)
• Significant expertise in the biophysical and mechanistic characterization of enzymes involved in cancer and blood coagulation.
• Detail oriented with strong analytical skills.
• Authored publications in peer reviewed journals.


GLAXOSMITHKLINE - King of Prussia, PA 2007 – August,2008
Contract Employee

• Job responsibilities :design of software protocols for the analysis of assay data, conserve data consistency and quality in collaboration with experimental scientists and provide assistance with trouble shooting.

• Software used: BioAssay (Cambridgesoft), XLfit (IDBS), Lotus Notes

NOVARTIS AG - Emeryville, CA 2006-2007

• Developed procedures for kinetic data analysis.

NOVARTIS AG (FORMERLY CHIRON), Emeryville, CA 2004-2006
Research Scientist II

• Designed and performed matrix experiments for select inhibitors and determined inhibition mechanism by statistical model selection.

PHARMACIA ITALIA - Nerviano, Italy 2002-2004
Research Scientist

• Utilized statistical data analysis and model selection for characterization of enzyme reactions.
• Adapted Dynafit for the batch processing of screening data and accelerated data analysis.

CORVAS INTERNATIONAL - San Diego, CA 2001-2002
Senior Research Scientist

• Applied biochemical techniques for DNA manipulation and production of recombinant proteins

COR THERAPEUTICS , South San Francisco, CA 1997- 2001
Research Scientist I and II

• Designed data analysis procedures using Excel Solver add-on.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University, Atlanta 1993-1997
Ph. D. Biochemistry, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland 1993
MS Chemistry, University of Munich, Munich, Germany 1988


SAS Certificate at University of California Berkeley 2006
Statistics for Health and Biology , University of Oxford (UK) 2006
Certificate in UNIX system administration and C programming, SFSU 2000
Certification for SAS Base Programming (SAS Institute) 2008
Certificate in Statistics (Pennsylvania State University) current

Several classes on Statistics, C and Perl programming



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10. Betz, A., Vlasuk, G. P., Bergum, P., & Krishnaswamy, S. (1997) Selective inhibition of the prothrombinase complex: factor Va alters macromolecular recognition of a tick anticoagulant peptide mutant by factor Xa, Biochemistry 36, 181-191.
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13. Betz, A., Wong, P.W., & Sinha, U. (1999) Inhibition of factor Xa by peptidyl-alpha-ketothiazole involves two steps. Biochemistry 38, 14582-14591.
14. Lin, P.-H., Sinha, U., & Betz, A. (2001) Antithrombin binding of low molecular weight heparins and inhibition of factor Xa. Biophys. Biochem. Acta, 1526, 105-13.
15. Myles, T., Le Bonniec, B.F., Betz, A., & Stone, S.R. (2001) Electrostatic steering and ionic tethering in the formation of thrombin-hirudin complexes: the role of the thrombin anion-binding exosite-I.
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16. Betz, A. (2001) Recent advances in factor Xa inhibitors. Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Patents
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18. Edwards, S.T, Betz, A., James, H.L., Thompson, E., Yonkovich, S.J., & Sinha, U. (2002) Differences between human and rabbit coagulation factor X-implications for in vivo models of thrombosis. Thromb Res. 106, 71-9.

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