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December 2011 Blog Posts (31)

Analytics used to ban texting while driving, or drunk driving, are flawed

It is certainly true that texting while driving (by young driver) is dangerous, and increases the risk of accidents. However how do we assess car crash risks?

  • Are young drivers better at multitasking, and causes mild crish when texting because they drive more slowly?
  • What about training them on minimizing risks while texting and driving, since making it illegal does not work?
  • Likewise, you can train alcoholics to drive better (since they will never stop driving…

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Zementis newsletter - December 2011


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Analytics Magazine by INFORMS - Dec Edition


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Interviews with leading data scientists (LinkedIn, EMC, Amazon, etc.)

Growing Your Own Data Scientists


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Digital Reasoning Refreshes Text Analytics

This week another analytics company raked in a fresh round of funding. This time it was entity-oriented text analytics software provider, Digital Reasoning. While the amount has not been publicly stated, the small Tennessee-based company has scored some major federal contracts since 2004—and with the new investment claims it will be…


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Data Repository for Machine Learning Projects

Welcome to the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository!

We currently maintain 211 data sets as a service to the machine learning community. You may view all data sets through our searchable interface. Our old web site is still available, for those who prefer the…

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Power Real Polynomial to approximate functions: The Gradient Method

In the real world rarely a problem can be solved using just a single algorithm, more often a solution is a chain of algorithms where the output of the former is the input for the follower.

But you know that quite often machine learning algorithms return functions almost always extremely complex, and they don’t fit directly in the next step of your strategy.
In these conditions, it is really helpful the trick of the function approximation, that is, we reduce the complexity…

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Leveraging Visual Analysis to Detect Medical Fraud

Discovering fraudulent trends and patterns within medical data is the modern day equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. Private medical and property/causality insurers as well as government agencies are tasked with discovering and preventing medical fraud from within millions of submitted bills daily.

With health care and medical fraud costing consumers over $100 billion dollars in the United States alone, there has never been a more important time for…


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Statistical technology used to detect new planets

This article was published in many publications / newspapers over the last few days, see e.g.

What's very interesting is that planet detection is based entirely on statistical technology: the planets can't be seen no matter how powerful your…


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Another funny cartoon about innumeracy

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Why every Hospital needs a Revenue Cycle Analytic solution

Health provider executives and finance teams are struggling to improve the financial health of their organizations and are constantly evaluating strategies to improve cash flow and grow organizational value with the growing Medicaid and looming Medicare cuts. Given today’s healthcare environment, striving for higher margin services is not necessarily the right answer. And cutting expenses can backfire as the quality of services may suffer. One area of focus is internal performance, such as…


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