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Tricia Aanderud's Blog – June 2012 Archive (7)

HTML for SAS Programmers

The SAS BI web clients each have their own link (or URL).  When working across many customer sites or even just using my own demo sites –  there can be a lot of links to track (BI Dashboard, Portal, WRS, etc). Certainly I can add bookmarks to my browser –  but when moving to different systems I found it’s easier to just have a little .HTML file that I can edit as needed.

Set Your BI Toolset Quick Ref Bookmark

If you are not sure what I’m trying to describe –  the following…


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Business Intelligence: Good Things to Share!

I have been very busy in the past month writing guest post for some of the different blogs that I follow and find interesting.  I’ve also been reading some books that I wanted to share with you!

Blogging! Blogging! and More Blogging!


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SAS Enterprise Guide: Writing Code to Capture New Twitter Followers

While at the SAS Global Forum, someone said to me – “You cannot write code in SAS Enterprise Guide.”  It was a little shocking to me that the person thought SAS Enterprise Guide was all wizards, flow diagrams, and magic. After talking to a few other folks I have found that it is a common myth.  

News Flash!  You can just code in SAS Enterprise Guide!  Today I’ll show you how I pull data from Outlook into SAS Enterprise Guide to create a tweet.  And I’m just going to…


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SAS OLAP Cubes: Automatically Collect ARM Performance Logs

Steve Overton shares this information with us:

Collecting ARM logs can be extremely useful when tuning OLAP cubes for faster response.  The ARM log (which stands for Application Response Measurement) collects vital usage information for OLAP cubes using the SAS OLAP Server logging facility.  SAS OLAP Cube studio can analyze these logs to assist with aggregation building to make OLAP cubes return faster results.  Angela Hall discusses…


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SAS EG 5.1 – Data Exploration Feature

I really dig the SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 - Data Explorer Tool.  How many times have you received a new data set that you know nothing about? While it's not like it takes forever to run some PROC FREQ/MEANS - but what if it's already done for you or can be done quickly?  Did that get your attention?

Here's how to use this new feature with your data.

Open Data Exploration from File Menu

From the File menu, select Open > Data Exploration.  Then navigate to…


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SAS Enterprise Guide: Best Practice for Centralized User Storage

Steve Overton shares this tip for SAS Enterprise Guide users and administrators!

fileslink SAS Enterprise Guide: Best Practice for Centralized User Storage


A nice feature of SAS Enterprise Guide is the “Files” folder.  This provides direct access to the file system where the workspace server is running.  You can take advantage of this by configuring a central location where users can store data, SAS…


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User Conferences = Busy Summer for Me!

 It's going to be a busy summer with a lot of travel.  I've been invited to several user conferences so I'm really excited to get to meet even more SAS users, pick up some great tips for others, and wear myself out chatting. 

Wisconsin Illinois SAS Users Summer Conference

Milwaukee, WI

June 27

This SAS user group is having a…


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