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A Day in the life of an Analyst

A typical day in the life of an Analyst

An Analyst works on varied projects with multiple deliverables and varied duties depending on the business objectives.

However there are some tasks that can be easily classified as “common everyday duties” in a “typical work day of a business analyst”

Clarification and…


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Analytics in Telecom

Telecommunications is complex business. As users we are mostly faced with one question- how to get the best deal out of the many telecom players in the market? But as an analyst in a Telecom company one may be faced with any one or more of the following question -

  • How many Network Towers should be installed in a particular area to meet the rising demand given the rise in population, rising need of data connectivity and competition?
  • What should be the optimum call rate…

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Machine Learning with Python- Why do they form the best combination

Machine Learning is being hailed as “Next Generation Analytics”.Machine Learning tasks can be roughly classified as –

  • Getting the data
  • Cleaning the data…

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What is Machine learning & Top 5 skills required to become a Machine Learning expert

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is simply making a computer perform a task without explicitly programming it. If we impose business rules to build a system and not let the machine find patterns on its own, we will not be able to put up with the versatility of the data that comes in.

Let’s explain this with an example. Suppose we manually looked through data to find patterns and coded our systems such that if I fall in the age range of 30-40 and I am a male, I would…


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The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – first fortnight in February

What is making news in the booming Indian Analytics industry?  

#    While February began with a buzz about Adobe and WPP among companies seeking to acquire  Bangalore based social media analytics start-up Simplify360 , it brought home the fact that converting millions of Tweets and social media posts into real…


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Analytics Trends to look out for in 2014 (India specific)

What do we predict for the Indian Analytics Industry this year? Here is what we put together at IVY after talking with our analytics recruiters, alumni, clients, and industry associates:…


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