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How to install MapR M3 on Ubuntu through Ubuntu Partner Archive.

In a recent post of mine I had mentioned about the partnership between MapR and Canonical towards an initiative to make Hadoop available with Ubuntu natively through Ubuntu Partner Archive. Since, the package has been released now, I thought of showing how to get it done. Trust me it's really cool to…


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Hadoop Herd : When to use What...

8 years ago not even Doug Cutting would have thought that the tool which he's naming after the name of his kid's soft toy would so soon become a rage and change the way people and organizations look at their data. Today Hadoop and BigData have almost become synonyms to each other. But Hadoop is not just Hadoop now. Over the time it has evolved into one big…


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Hadoop+Ubuntu : The Big Fat Wedding.

Now, here is a treat for all you Hadoop and Ubuntu lovers. Last month, Canonical, the organization behind the Ubuntu operating system, partnered with MapR, one of the Hadoop heavyweights, in an effort to make Hadoop available as an integrated part of Ubuntu through its repositories. The partnership announced that…


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Is your data really Big(Data)??

The advent of so many noticeable tools and technologies for handling BigData problems has made the lives of a lot of people and organizations easier. A lot of these are open source, they have good support, good community and are pretty active. But there is another aspect of it. When things become easy, free, with good support and in abundance,  we often start to over-utilize them. Having said that, I would like to share one incident.

We organize …


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Google Spanner : The Future Of NoSQL

Quite often, while working with Hbase, I used to feel how cool it would be to have a database that can replicate my data to datacenters across the world consistently. So that I can take the pleasure of global availability and geographic locality. And also which will save my data even in case of some catastrophe or…


Added by Mohammad Tariq Iqbal on February 14, 2013 at 5:57pm — 2 Comments

How to begin with Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source platform, completely written in Java and distributed under Apache's licence, that allows us to store, manage and process gigantic amounts of data in a highly parallel manner on clusters of commodity machines. It is most suitable for batch processing. People and organizations use Hadoop to build their ETL tools, to perform their BI operations, to do analytics etc. 

You can find countless posts on Hadoop over the internet. And most of them are really good. But…


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