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The demand for Grasstops Analytics

Leveraging grasstops (i.e. group leaders) is imperative given their highly influential position with other group members. If a grasstop can be prevented from terminating legislative (i.e. policy oriented) support, the legislative termination rate for the group members has a higher likelihood for reduction. Alternatively, attempting to get a grasstop from a competing policy issue to switch or terminate may increase likelihood of similar results with group members associated with that…


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Analytics-based proposal accepted for Overcoming Racism Conference

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Supplier Diversity needs cleaned and enriched small or Big Data

Today, analytics-driven best practices dictate that, content collecting portals and other data-centric projects undergo the process of data cleaning and enrichment because analytic-oriented failures (i.e. descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics models or reports) are often linked to the quality of data. To halt the perpetuation of bad data across the enterprise, initial “clean and enrich” initiatives have been effective including gathering missing or incomplete data, identifying…


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Predictive Analytics, Data mining and High School dropouts?

Currently, high schools have some of the biggest challenges determining the individual paths of students that enter the school yard each day. In fact, both institutions and industries would like to know, for example, which student will graduate from a particular course program and which student will need assistance in order to graduate on time. Which graduates are most receptive to what kind of high education institution? Which non-graduates are most receptive to what kind of intervention to…


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Leadership and Organizational Analytics

Historically, Leadership and Organizational assessments were recommended or promoted as means to determine if enterprises were effective and efficient. Often determined when all elements of the organization were aligned properly, resulting in superior performance. Today, some professionals advise their clients in ways to improve performance by conducting alleged unique assessment models similarly to the traditional form (e.g. gut-feeling approaches). The purpose of these assessment models…


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Performance Assessment Analytics

After the dot-com bubble burst, all businesses were forced to operate even leaner, faster, and smarter than ever before. Today, all businesses must focus on fundamental strengths and bottom-line results. Operational excellence forms the straightest path to use these strengths to drive results. The professionals in Business Intelligence and Analytics work continue to face challenges with client companies to conduct unique assessments, which are tailored to each client’s situation, that…


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Financial Restructuring Analytics

Oftentimes a distressed firm considering a uplift plan will not be successful without some type of financial restructuring, and sometimes the best way to recover a distressed firm’s existing value is through liquidation. Clearly, many analytics professionals are analytics-driven experts that must be capable of determining the financial state of a firm. If the core business has been irreparably damaged and the future outlook is bleak then the analytics will confirm. Under the worst case,…


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Litigation Support Analytics

Regardless of the real-world experience as executives, attorneys, financial experts and CPAs, providing evidence without analytics diminish your court room success rate. Eventually, professionals that are uniquely qualified to provide litigation support services to law firms are needed. The shortage of professionals that work side-by-side with ligitation staff including attorneys to find winning solutions and offer the following services ground by analytics and intelligence is surprising.…


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Interim & Crisis Analytics-driven Management

The leadership analytics style needed for a distressed company is very different from that needed for a healthy firm. The focus for a healthy firm should be on achieving the firm’s objectives while the focus for a distressed company is recovery, timely action, and problem resolution. Senior management’s authority in a healthy firm is one of delegation, while in a crisis situation the executives need to get directly involved. And the decision-making skills of a healthy company executive are…


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Analytics: The gap is widening Bit by Bit

A growing gap between those enterprises that, see the value of business analytics and are transforming themselves to take advantage of these new found opportunities, and those that have yet to embrace them. Businesses today have a plethora of data available from an increasing number of sources. While some appreciate the potential benefits others face difficulties using data beyond hindsight, to actionable insights or further - foresight. Read these books to learn more!…


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IBM Wilhelmina Challenge

IBM Wilhelmina (willing to protect) is a challenge to IBMers from Street Learnsters - individuals committed to improving learning capacity using all methodologies regardless of prior shortcomings. The challenge is not to create Wilhelmina but to continue the efforts that emphasize the presence of a attitude and commitment willing to protect everyone. Naturally, a bold declaration will have to compliment what IBM currently do today and what the Smarter Planet initiative will require tomorrow.…


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