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Proper architecture for a reusable Bayesian platform

I am looking for folks that have built a Bayesian formalism middleware to supply applications with ML or classification features. We want to build a real-time data fusion engine and need some guidance on the best software architecture to capture reusable Bayesian concepts.

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Trillion Triple Semantic Database

The Semantic Web is an idea of World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee where the web captures the semantics, or meaning, of data, and where machines are enabled to interact with that meta data. Berners-Lee observes that although search engines index much of the Web's content, keywords only provide an indirect association of the meaning that human actors are seeking. He foresees a number of ways in which developers and authors, singly or in collaborations, can use self-descriptions and other…


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Government as a Platform

I saw a tweet fly by from Tim O'Reilly with the above label. When googling the matter, I came across a presentation Tim gave this summer exploring the new universe of APIs that enable access to governmental data. Combining this data with operational pieces in a typical CRM or ERP database would constitute a powerful means for ERP optimization.

Here is the presentation:…

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Ten clean tech predictions for 2010

Nick Parker, Executive Chairman of the Cleantech Group offers ten trends in clean teach for 2010:

Here are the group's predictions for 2010:

1. Private capital growth recovers, record fund year. Global cleantech venture capital flows receded to around 2007 level but in the U.S., cleantech pulled ahead as the largest single venture investment theme in 2Q09 and 3Q09.

2. Clean economies become the new space race. There will be changes in which countries and cities… Continue

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Large Hadron Collider is gearing up for new physics

The LHC is making news this morning by setting a record of particle acceleration long held by Fermilab in Chicago. This article marks the actual news bulletin issued by CERN, but this article is more fun since it shows you some of the sensory evidence.

I thought it interesting to compare what an equivalent… Continue

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And now something completely different: brain simulation

Our good folks at the national labs have been developing cloud computing for two decades, so what they are doing now is possibly an indication of what we'll be doing with the cloud a decade from now. Researchers at IBM Almaden have been working on the largest brain simulation to date; 1.6 billion neurons with 9 trillion connections. The scale of this endeavor still dwarfs the capacity and capability… Continue

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Cloud ecosystem

Appirio, a company that helps enterprise customers leverage PaaS cloud platforms such as and Google Apps, put a nice interactive navigator on their website. The Appirio cloud computing ecosystem map aims to provide more clarity in the fast evolving cloud services market. It tries to help enterprise decision makers to accelerate their adoption of the cloud by trying to provide a standard taxonomy.…


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