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Wojciech Gryc's Blog – August 2013 Archive (3)

How to Scientifically Predict Revenue in Seasonal Industries

Whether you own a sports team, run a ski resort, or sell school supplies, you’ve likely come across some seasonality in your sales and revenue. Indeed, even seemingly noncyclical businesses, like fast food or clothing, experience some sort of seasonality.

Seasonal sales are risky because, in the most extreme cases, you have only a few days to make your sales numbers. Imagine you’re a retailer preparing for Christmas — success or failure in mid-December might mean success or failure…


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Generalized Linear Models (GLM) applied to specific customer activities

We've been working hard to build a connection between the many customer data APIs we connect to, and a server-based instance of R. We've made some great headway today by building customer-oriented models that are generalized to any data set we build on our platform! Read the tutorial, and let us know what you think.

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What is a Universal Customer ID (UCID) and why does your business need one?

Most companies have multiple sources of data. These include transaction systems that track customer purchases, e-mail systems, CRM databases, and numerous other data sets that track individual customer interactions with the business. Oftentimes, these data sit in silos with little interaction or cross-pollination of information between databases. As companies become more inclined to run analytics projects, they often ask how to merge such data sets into a unified whole. The first step to…


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