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Top 5: Optical fiber myths

Optical fiber has been the backbone of Internet infrastructure for years and almost all our communications rely on it: telephony services, Wi-Fi or CATV. It is also responsible for building-to-building connectivity in campuses and is used in a variety of military applications. But still there are some myths about this incredible technology and we’d like to expose them.

  1.  Fiber is fragile

Yes, glass used in everyday products is easy…


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What is Dark Fiber?

You surely have listened the term “dark fiber” and wonder what it is about. The term refers to optical fiber infrastructure that hasn’t been lit yet, meaning it is installed but it isn’t being used.

As it is known, fiber optic cables are…


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How will fiber optics save the world?

Technology is often created to improve our life, making it easier and better, but sometimes the progresses affect our world, this is why telecom department is getting greener and greener replacing old school copper wired with fiber optic technologies.

Fiber optic offers a lot of advantages over copper cables, from faster Internet connection to the fact that fiber networks don’t need to be changed once installed because companies upgrade them by changing the technology that creates the…


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USA Telecom doesn’t have enough airwaves for your selfies

Nowadays we can’t live without wireless Internet. We use our mobile phones, tablets or laptops with integrated wireless cards to communicate with others and search information. We spend our days connected to the Internet through hundreds of apps, websites and services, thus using an incredible amount of data.

Wireless data use has grown and is going to keep growing due to demand for mobile Internet connection. “In 2009, approximately 191 billion megabytes (Mb) traveled across U.S.…


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