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Radhika Subramanian's Blog – January 2013 Archive (4)

Four Takeaways From the Big Data Paradigm Shift White Paper

The Big Data Analytics revolution is underway. This revolution is an historic and game-changing expansion of the role that information plays in business, government and consumer realms. To harness the power of this data revolution, a paradigm shift is required. Organizations must be able to do more than query their Big Data stores; search is no longer enough. We announced the…


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The Risks and Limitations of Visualization

Today’s need to leverage unprecedented amounts of available information has resulted in a flood of tools, services and models claiming to surface insights from Big Data. One model in particular, visualization, has received a lot of attention lately because of its abilities to organize and present information. However, visualization is actually one of the biggest barriers to insight because it places the burden of discovery on the user, and any tool that places the burden on the…


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Data: You love it, or you hate it. You ignore it, or you embrace it.

Your relationship with data and your attitude towards it will be one of the biggest predictors of the health of your business in 2013 and beyond. Why? Because the data revolution is upon us, and organizations are reaching the limit of possible improvements based on older methods. The transformational change occurring in organizations today is dependent upon adopting insight from data for visibility and profit improvement.

Some business sectors have a natural affinity for data.…


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Big Data Flying Lessons: Analyzing the Friendly Skies

Have you ever wondered about the logistics of what it takes to pull off transporting you and your bags from your home to your destination and back again? Have you ever imagined what it might be like to work for the airlines and be in charge of scheduling flights? Believe it or not, the computational complexity of airline travel planning is some of the most complicated in the world. Every traveler understands the criticality of time in the airline business. And if your business is…


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