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Radhika Subramanian's Blog – September 2013 Archive (2)

Better Together: Data Scientists and Automated Analysis

An executive from IBM recently highlighted the need for more rigorous preparation for Big Data analytics within and beyond the financial industry inan article in the Wall Street Journal. The article outlined the dire need for qualified data scientists, how qualified business and finance students are, and how even liberal arts majors can and should be trained to…


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It is time to stop torturing your data

Ronald Coase died last week. Coase was an economist and a Nobel laureate, not someone you would typically associate with modern data analytics. Still, Coase is noted in the field for coining the phrase, “If you torture data long enough it will confess.”

Coase’s quote, and his career, are reminders that analysis can have repercussions that go beyond the screen and the analysis, and have impacts on the work that we do…


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