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Book on Computer Programming

Data scientists use a range of tools in their work and some of these eventually require programming. This book, titled The Art and Craft of Computer Programming, is a guide to computer programming. It does not focus on a specific programming language, but instead contains the essential material from a first year Computer Science course. The book is available from…


Added by Mark McIlroy on October 19, 2017 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Free book on Excel formulas and VBA macros

Listed on my personal website is my book titled 'A guide to writing Excel formulas and VBA macros'. The book is available for free download in PDF format. It is also available in print from

Excel is widely used for all forms of data analysis once the bulk of the data has been processed and summarised using a tool such as SAS, SQL, etc.

While this book is relatively small it includes an overview of key…


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Book review - 'The Little SAS book'

This post is a brief review of the book 'The Little SAS book' by Delwiche and Slaughter.

I came across this book in my first SAS position. It had been left behind by a former employee, or the company, and was sitting on the shelf of my cubical.

I had no experience with SAS, and all I had to refer to was the existing code in the system and this book.

As the title suggests it's quite a small book in IT terms, the fifth edition is 325 pages.

One benefit of this is…


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Free book on SQL

As you would know, SQL is essential for many tasks involving working with large quantities of data.

Members of Analytic Bridge might like to download my guide to SQL titled 'SQL Essentials' available for free download from my personal website

Also on my personal website is a practice SQL environment where you can query a sample database and try out the examples from the book.

This book and my…


Added by Mark McIlroy on November 4, 2016 at 6:00pm — No Comments

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