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SimaFore Partners With Rapid-I To Provide Cost-Effective Analytics Apps For SME’S

Online PR News – 01-May-2012…


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Statistical technology used to detect new planets

This article was published in many publications / newspapers over the last few days, see e.g.

What's very interesting is that planet detection is based entirely on statistical technology: the planets can't be seen no matter how powerful your…


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Ventana Research Unveils Largest Research Ever Conducted on Business Analytics

PLEASANTON, Calif.- February 25th, 2011 - The largest benchmark research ever done on business analytics establishes for the first time that analytics has become the new engine for business competitiveness and profitability. This landmark research from Ventana Research, which involved input from more than 2,850 organizations, makes clear for the first time the little-understood role of business analytics in the success and failure of businesses.

The research found that more than…


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NASA satellite fall on Earth: 1-in-3200 chance to hit someone. How so?

How was this statistic computed? Is it based on the formula

Q = 1 - (1 - x/y)^26 = 1/3200,


  • If we pack all 6 billion human beings into a very compact square area, that area will cover x square miles.
  • The total area of the earth is y square miles,
  • Q is the chance that at least one out of 26 pieces (expected to fall on earth) hits the square area in question

If this is the case, then the human beings occupy a proportion R = 1 - {1…


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Statistical Evidence in Litigation

Excellent resources compiled by Will Yancey, PhD, CPA.

Will Yancey, PhD, CPA 

Email: [email protected] 

Office phone 734.744.4400
Dr. Yancey consults on audit sampling and litigation support.


Contents of this page:


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Statistics Academic Journal Pulls Climate Denialist Study After Charges of Plagiarism

"Evidence of plagiarism and complaints about the peer-review process have led a statistics journal to retract a federally funded study that condemned scientific support for global warming.

The study, which appeared in 2008 in the journal Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, was headed by statistician Edward Wegman of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Its analysis was an outgrowth of a controversial congressional report that Wegman headed in 2006. The 'Wegman Report'…


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Why do computer science books talk bout decision trees but not about logistic regression nor naive Bayes?

I was reading the 2004 edition of "Computer Science Handbook", published by Chapman & All/CRC, in collaboration with the ACM association. It has 2,752 pages, weights 5.8 pounds according to, and has a 56-page index with about 6,000 keywords. Yet naive Bayes and logistic regression are not listed, just to mention 2 popular data mining keywords.

It is incredibly surprising, in the 21-st century, to see that disciplines such as data mining, computer sciences, and…


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200 interesting links

  1. AB Testing: …

Added by Richard on January 9, 2011 at 1:16pm — No Comments mining your Facebook data to improve search results

I did a search for 'data mining' on Bing, and was surprised to see the search results. I cut and pasted these search results at the bottom of my message.

To summarize:

  • If you are logged in on Facebook, Microsoft will access your Facebook cookie, and retrieve and display customized search results about what your Facebook friends like (see below), blended with traditional generic search results.
  • So Microsoft is not trying to compete with Google by improving search…

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Why IBM has invested $12 billion in data analytics (in Forbes)



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22 Predictive Analytics Applications That Were Proven Very Effective in 2010 (by Claude Penland)

•1. Predictive Analytics Applied to the Hospital Billing Process  …


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The flawed maths of financial models (Financial Times)

By Pablo Triana -- Published: November 29 2010 00:00 | Last updated: November 29 2010 00:00

Imagine a car school that specialised in teaching how to build Toyotas. Following the manufacturer’s recall of thousands of malfunctioning vehicles, should the school rethink its curriculum or should it trot along unperturbed, delivering the same lectures as before, as if nothing had happened?

A similar conundrum is faced today by those universities that offer graduate programmes in… Continue

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How Predictive Analytics Can Make Money for Social Networks

Dr. Rado Kotorov is chief innovation officer at Information Builders, and is responsible for emerging reporting, analytic and visualization technologies. He has developed analytic… Continue

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Data Mining Theory vs Practice

In many fields, it is common to find a gap between theorists and practitioners. As stereotypes, theorists have a reputation for sniffing at anything which has not been optimized and proven to the nth degree, while practitioners show little interest in theory, as it…

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Global Salary Increase Budgets for 2010 and 2011

Salary budgets for 2011 are projected to continue rising after hitting historic lows in 2009, according to results from the 2010-2011 Culpepper Salary Budget & Planning Survey.…


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Can data analytics prevent the next offshore oil spill?


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$3 Million Health Prize Challenges Innovators to Improve Health Through Analytics

Heritage Provider Network (HPN), an award-winning managed care organization with a focus on the physician-patient relationship, today announced a $3 million competition designed to develop a more accurate way to predict the likelihood of an individual’s future hospitalization, thus allowing physicians to target care and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

The Health Prize is part of HPN’s ongoing efforts to spur innovations that improve quality and reduce inefficiencies in health… Continue

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Accenture to create 100 analytic jobs over four years

GLOBAL MANAGEMENT consulting firm Accenture is to create 100 new jobs over the next four years at a new centre in Ireland dedicated to predictive analytics – or the use of statistics to help businesses forecast future revenues. The new jobs will take Accenture’s workforce in Ireland to 1,400.

Brian McCarthy, executive director of Accenture Analytics, said the company had begun the recruitment process for the high-level research jobs, which will be filled by graduate to PhD-level… Continue

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