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Dashboard Confessions: Finding The Best Estimate For Elastic Distributions

Well, here are some stupid math tricks to keep you occupied for a while. They can be elegant tricks from random samples or brute force, either way, they avoid all the acrobatics in determining the shape of a distribution and going to an obscure textbook to find the best measure of central tendency. Here at the dashboard factory, we hear certain assertions as to the claim that the median is always the best or that the mean is always the best.

In spreadsheet models that get passed from…


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Dashboard Confessions: Poor Data Practices Cost Jobs, Especially In Call Centers. Don't let it happen to Mobile.

Can optimization save Mobile and Call Center Marketing campaigns? You bet.

Call center staffs expand and contract with call center performance and mobile campaigns have to up their game to deal with the reality of mobile infrastructure and changes in carrier dispositions. Cheap is not free. Irrelevant targeting and messaging come at a cost of alienating customers who feel that brands are out of touch. The solution is analytics, but you probably knew that…


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Dashboard Confessions: The Fundamental Target Marketing Dashboard

Poor marketing dashboards and enterprise reporting presentations result in indecision. Marketing managers intuitively know when they are dealing with information that is of little value, but is presented as their only solution because of inexperienced practitioners and inflexible enterprise reporting strategies.

Gain incredible insights, lead the…


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Highlighting Brand And Product Features As a Function of Probability Of Response From Nested Conjoint Studies

Inform your marketing team as to which set of features to highlight, within a product, on a product conversion campaign for current customers or prospects. This design can be extended for copy and image influence before campaign targeting.

When we are done you will be able to simulate the response rate to a campaign as a function of how you mix together emphasis…


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Net Promoter Amplification: What your Social Media Guru Thought Was A New Idea

Target your Net Promoters with a fun modeling project and CRM initiative. So here is a little trick for smart people who use "little" data with advanced research designs who parter the rest of us who use big data. Use this as a mentoring opportunity to show that database marketing is here to stay and has applications in building models for social media referrals to up and coming social media gurus. 


Once all is said and done, you will have a few…


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Dashboard Confessions: The Sins of Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction: Smoke and Mirrors, or Honest Mistakes?

Industry Co-Authors: Glenn RossDonald Wedding…


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