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DRS software production Related Data  to diagram 。…


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Data regression analysis

People will obtain many relating data of two or more than two dimension during experiments and production. These data will help them to solve problems of reality on contrary, which need data processing to make them become mathematicalematical model reflecting the data variation regulation. The application of the Least Square Method can only make linear regression, but to the nonlinear problems it must construct relating mathematicalematical relationship expression, namely mechanism model… Continue

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Application of data regression analysis


Test is a way which people use to study the process of causality and the change discipline. Through test, we can get some relating data, the data deduct the change process of things. We can return the data into mathematical model to help us analysis and solve the problems in the test.  

Project Design

During the design, we need many complicated computing, the computing depends on the test data or the charts protracted on the basis of large amount of rest… Continue

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