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What do I learn from developing Analytics in a weird place?

4 years ago, before all these hype on Big Data Analytics, right after my MBA, I dream about the digital future in investment banking. I visualized it in my mind, based on what I learnt in retail banking, and credit risk modeling, I feel that it was a possible dream. A dream that was so fragile that it could be popped one day. Or it could be a super-long journey that leads me via fire and pain or even be embarrassed. Looking back, these are the lessons I learnt:

1. Intra-preneur: It is…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on February 9, 2016 at 8:58am — No Comments

R or Python, a practical problem

Which technology works best in a team when we are introducing data mining. The team has been using Excel as the data analysis tool, how can we apply/ run the data mining model (such as decision tree) on excel? I have been using R for a while and enjoy it very much. Good supply of fresh grad with training in R...However, when it comes to using and running the data mining model, R does a very poor job in execution. It is such a good tool when we develop and research patterns in a laboratory…


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How Analytics help in Corporate & Institutional Banking?

There is a fire, everything burnt into ashes, reborn the phoenix.

Challenges faced by the industry

It happens to every industry, the down cycle is the time to restructure, optimize for the longer journey. The same happening to the investment banking industry. Weighted by public scrutiny and heavier regulation on disclosure, rounds of cost cutting and restructuring follows. Silicon Valley has overtaken Wall Street as the…


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Predictive Analytics: When to use or not to use a consultant?

There are two circumstances that you should use a consultant:

1. When the consultant has both the domain knowledge and exact modeling experience: There are times that the consultant come to you and sell you the ideas of modeling something. Look for exact experience. Like an academic researchers, the most challenging task is to get the data-set, not the idea. Dataset is the execution. In the world of Big Data analytics - whoever owns the data has the command, especially in the…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on December 26, 2014 at 3:00am — 3 Comments

Big data for asset managers

What exactly is big data to an asset managers? It actually means more than sucking up social media data or spying on the satellite data. These are good data collection methodology - but realistically when you have a limited budget but you want to start something from ground zero, what should you do first? If you are to start it, what different elements you have to consider? I have some thinking about it - I wish that we can share more ideas here.

Consider supply…


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Can a data scientist start a new venture selling Big Data?

Not long ago, a business plan that I proposed using Big Data is rejected by a judge who thought that the critical issue of the plan is that it needs a reliable source of data. Well said. Given that Data is the critical aspect, what are the business models available around big data, here are my very short synthesis of things:

Data as Process by-product for Continuous…


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Big Data thinking - What makes Big Data different?

What separate a Big data from a huge data? I have seen the abuse of Big Data being adopted by the database and BI vendors. It lacks the spirit. Merely calculating faster or storing more should not qualify for a Big Data thinking. It is purely technological breakthrough - just like having a faster CPU. Will you call an intel CPU i7 a change of era from i5? Here are my observations and principles to be Big Data:

1. Collect the impossible

With the emergence of e-government, more…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on April 11, 2014 at 3:30am — 3 Comments

Big data for Equity Research

Have you looked at the syllabus of the Finance class on financial modeling at the University? It is outdated: It teaches you how to do modeling on one single company, if possible multiple years of the same company. To any Analytics professional, it is a joke. It's like having a table with a few records - one record for each year. Let's wake up and go for a change:

1. Pour the whole world of companies into research: instead of putting the projection of financial data in different…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on July 27, 2013 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

Making your Analytic project an end product

I read about this from some other source (which I forgot) and would like to attribute this idea to the original author. As an industry practitioner, I do not feel ashamed of copying people's idea at work.

The subject is indeed a challenge for us as an Anlaytics geeks. You (our internal client) came with a problem and we solved your problem, period. No, the best solution is to be able to sell your analytic project that can benefit your internal client's client.

ANZ, an…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on July 9, 2013 at 9:38am — No Comments

When to use a view and when a table, the fuzz about it for analysis

When to use a view and table?

Is it an art? I doubt it. Only when you cannot explain it and depends on feeling, it is an art.

Recently we are revising our codes and this question of giving guidance.on when to use table and view come to me. I consider the following questions:

1. when does it justify a table/view?

Having worked in a team setting on modeling and reporting works, the key to me is readability. leveraging my programming learning on object oriented concept, every… Continue

Added by Jeffrey Ng on May 20, 2013 at 4:50am — 4 Comments

Take-aways from IE's first Predictive Analytics Summit in the Asia-Pacific

Having asked for a budget for it with special approval, I, of course, would take whatever the Event offered in the short-but fruitful 2 days in Hong Kong during 18th to 19th April, 2013. My overall feedback is positive and will recommend companies to spend their training budget for Analytics people to come to here instead of staying in the classroom to learn Stat 101.  This event meant to be for particioners

The Analytics market in…


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Why bother building a model while you have a good human doing the work?

Stunned by the Senior Management's basic and fundamental question, I spent a lot of hard time thinking through it. Finally I get part of the ultimate answer: Predictive Analytics move faster and more frequent than human being. What I mean is:

Predictive model is run to react to every change of independent variables: Building a good model of relating consumer's purchase behavior is only part of the story. What is more important is the trigger of the model can be defined and run at a…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on March 9, 2013 at 8:55am — 7 Comments

What is the additional information the predictive model brings?

I was challenged by a Senior management of the company with such a question and I was speechless.

I built models based on the data. Without much knowledge about the key variables, the model generated a very interesting result which are consistent with the knowledge of the Senior Managers. I've expressed that Predictive Modeling for marketing activities can bring in more clients, improve cross-selling, revenues per clients, loyalty of the clients, blah blah blah all those textbook…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on March 4, 2013 at 7:38am — 1 Comment

Market data providers got it all wrong, big data 2.0

I have seen lots of heated discussion about the development of big data and its potential value generation. It only generates value when you have a holistic view about your client so that the organization can do something about it. It is like asking for a dates, the more you know about the person, the better.

It is true that market data providers such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters etc do a good job in opening up the information about your client external to your organization,…


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What they will not teach you in the Analytics booklet

 It is so good to see more and more people sharing what can be done via Analytics and who can do what.  What I do not see, again, is the art of implementing Analytics. Analytics is not done by a simple act of software installation or model churning.

What I am working on includes: exciting people about their future state of works. A must-have responsibility of any Analytics include regular and routine reporting. However, what they really want is the vision of bringing inspiration to…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on January 25, 2013 at 11:30pm — No Comments

Data modeler that reads financial statements - the next frontier for Predictive Analytics

I was recently invited to join a conference related to predictive ananlytics. I oddly find that I am one of the few people that will speak about predictive modeling in the B2B market. If ever there is any development needed in our field - predictive modeling's application in the wholesale/ Business to business market is the key. Think about the following: The data we have is boardly categorized into: client's data and your firm's or other firms' transaction /web browsing data.

To me,…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on December 20, 2012 at 1:30am — No Comments

Why HR analytics is so behind?

It has been very busy these days as I am also involved generating the performance report of individual bankers for the region- by program- one by one! It is true that our business intelligence has the authority and technology to report out business hence naturally showing them by individual sales for appraisal purpose.

Convincing HR to do this work is like asking social workers to do actuarial works. One is more humane and in depth about someone, another involves more calculation and… Continue

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Dear Charles

Congratulation for your departure. In the current turmoil, we seldom have employee leaving the firm voluntarily. When I start the handover process to look into your work, I feel so resentful that I did not coach properly in your analytic job. These are something that I should have taught you properly:

1. Business drives technical and technological development

I know you always tell me it's impossible to do this and that. I am always taken as not understanding of your situation.…


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Service attitude, the spirit of an Analytic Professional

I was frustrated by the fact that in every downturn, the management would lay off Analytics professional to trim down the cost. I have withstand two such stressful time but am still surviving. What makes you stand out among the Analytics Professional? To be more precise, how should you create a report for the end users?


Have you ever tailor-made any suit? Think about the experience: You choose the basic ingredients like materials, pattern, then they do…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on November 20, 2012 at 9:58am — No Comments

How to sell Analytics to your boss

I have twice the experience of building an Analytic team, one with my first job and second with my current one. I left in my first job just that I was frustrated by the organization's lack of commitment to Analytic, or in other word: I found that the Senior Management did not appreciate the development of Analytic. As I learnt it after years of contemplation, the problem lie not with the company, nor the boss: It has more to do with YOU, the lonely Analytic guy out there in the organization.…


Added by Jeffrey Ng on November 12, 2012 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

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