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What's the fuss about MCK, BCG and BAIN?

Management Consultant, especially Strategy Consultant, has been very appealing to MBA graduates. In fact, Strategy Consultant is also an Analytic Professional, except the fact that they also have to jot the dots and build up communication bridges within the organization.

What they are good at: Asking for cold facts, collecting it, giving relatively objective recommendations to firms and present their findings well. :-) Being an in-house analyst working with these consultants,…


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How can you tell about the future?

You may wonder how those mighty people do the fancy projection in their business plan, there are broadly three methods of forecast and it is suitable in different situations: 1. Bottom up: 2. Top down guestimate, and 3. Top down forecast.

1. Bottom up

As its name suggest, forecast is down on name by name basis by the sales person, it is more often to have bottom-up forcast when the client numbers are smaller but High value Eg investment banking often uses this approach in its…


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What does it mean to report a business?

There are different levels of reporting, depending on how much you demand yourself as a writer of the report. Firstly, a good report is another expression of a regression model. It tells you what variables are causing the change in business performance. Secondly, a good business report tells you new trend in terms of recent movement. For example, it tells you there are some new opportunities somewhere out there which your competitors may not aware.

To deliver a…


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Works of business analyst BA explained

I have a lot of embarrassing moments when my friends and relatives ask me about my job: what do you do in fact? I analyze business. 

I am very often mistaken as an IT professional, the smarter people thinks that I work as an internal consultant to strategy development: doing financial modeling, presentations and advising management on strategic issue of the firm. This understanding is still far from the perfect view of my work. To help any students and…


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