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The Math Behind Ticket Bargains | SeatGeek


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More resources for data scientists and analytic professionals

Recently posted on DataScienceCentral and AnalyticBridge:

1. Conferences

  • Europe’s Best and Brightest come together at Analytics 2012 -…

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Big Data Will Need 1.5 Million Data Scientists | Dice

How many of these jobs can be performed by bots (computer programs)? Here's the story:…


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Government Agencies Adding a Petabyte of New Data, Making no Progress in Big Data | Yahoo Finance

IT professionals estimate that they have less…


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A new set of six great data science articles from top news outlets


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Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field


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Statistician Justin Basset of New York requested to provide Facebook password when applying for a job | ABC News

When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.

Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the…


Added by Capri on March 24, 2012 at 12:12pm — 2 Comments

Finally healthcare expenditures are shrinking in US

Hospitals laying off workers, blaming in on fewer patients and lower revenue... No statistical model was able to predict it, although the explanation is obvious.

After several years into Great Recession

  • Employers are…

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Analytics used to ban texting while driving, or drunk driving, are flawed

It is certainly true that texting while driving (by young driver) is dangerous, and increases the risk of accidents. However how do we assess car crash risks?

  • Are young drivers better at multitasking, and causes mild crish when texting because they drive more slowly?
  • What about training them on minimizing risks while texting and driving, since making it illegal does not work?
  • Likewise, you can train alcoholics to drive better (since they will never stop driving…

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Manufacturing Moneyball: Using Big Data and Business Intelligence To Spur Operational Excellence | Forbes

The national unemployment rate is 9.1 percent, up nearly four points from the first quarter of 2008. Recent news has not been optimistic. In August, for the first time since 1945, the federal government reported a national net job change of zero. Meanwhile, the global economy sputters




In these economic times, it…


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Asteroid sharing almost same orbit as earth, around the sun.

And taking 364 days to make a revolution around the sun. 

Cruithne is approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) indiameter, and its closest approach to Earth is approximately thirty times the separation between Earth and the Moon (12 Gm or twelve million kilometres). From 1994 through 2015, Cruithne makes its annual closest approach to Earth…


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HighWire Press partners with TEMIS to semantically enrich Publishers’ Content

This strategic agreement between two leaders enables HighWire to offer superb discoverability and productization to its customers in the highest quality semantically-enabled open publishing platform.



Stanford, USA and London, UK – October 27, 2011 – HighWire Press, the industry leader in the provision of high quality hosting and web publishing platforms to scholarly publishers around the world and TEMIS, leading provider of Semantic Content…


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How to avoid new bank fees: solution

Most banks are going to add small fees e.g. for debit card ($3/month in my case). Last time I went to my bank, I had this strange conversation:

  • I asked documents about the various types of accounts that they offer, as they suggested that I switch to a more upscale type of account, where there would be no fees
  • Instead of receiving the documents, I was forced to spend 15 minutes listening to a bank manager about the benefits of the upscale account. My hourly rate being…

Added by Capri on October 16, 2011 at 8:59pm — 2 Comments

Home-made clinical trials lead to a cure for widespread skin complaints

One of my friends (referred to as the patient) holds a Ph.D. degree in statistics and has been affected with a common skin condition for more than 20 years, known as rosacea ( Here we report how he came with a solution to fully eliminate the problem. Physicians traditionally agree that there is no cure for rosacea.

This study involves only one patient. But…


Added by Capri on October 8, 2011 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Interesting note and questions on mathematical patents

I was reading about the "Automated Reduced Error Predictive Analytics" patent secured by Rice Analytics (see below) and my first question is:

How can you successfully sue competitors about using a mathematical technology? After all, most vendors offer error and variance reduction as well as dimension reduction and automated model selection (based on optimizing goodness-of-fit) in their software. All statistical and data mining consultants, including myself, also use similar…


Added by Capri on October 8, 2011 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

Three recent news articles involving big data and Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Sybase

  1. SAP co-CEO sees big future in lots of data | ThunderFeeds
    SAP co-CEO sees big future in lots…

Added by Capri on September 30, 2011 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

Barriers to hiring analytic people

You hear all the time that it is very hard to find and hire a great data scientist. Yet these scientists can't find a job, and are typically unemployed for many months after graduating or after being laid off - even those with 15 years of experience and stellar degree and accomplishments. 

So what's the problem? I'm suggesting a few possibilities:

  • Candidates lack business acumen
  • Candidates have poor communication skills, are asking too much…

Added by Capri on September 18, 2011 at 7:35pm — 10 Comments

Creativity vs. Analytics: Are These Two Skills Incompatible?

In a nutshell, are great analytic people lacking creative skills? And are great creators lacking analytic skills? How to fix this gap?

Here are a few interesting questions:

  • Should analytic people focus on measuring, and nothing else? 
  • Do analytic people lack business skills because they were odd kids in high school, because the way the school system is working in US?
  • Is it impossible to hire great analytic people combining both soft and hard skills, because…

Added by Capri on September 18, 2011 at 7:00pm — 10 Comments

A potential new type of threat, incredibly difficult to detect, and absolutely vicious

You type in a domain name, say in your browser (say Chrome), and a website with broken links, broken images and badly formatted text, shows up. When you click on any link, it "redirects" you to what seems to be a true Wells Fargo page. You try with a different browser (say IE), and you experience the same problem. You visit, and you get an 310 error message saying "recursive redirect found on the web page". You do a…


Added by Capri on September 10, 2011 at 8:49pm — 2 Comments

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