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Vincent Granville's Blog – January 2017 Archive (4)

How to Handle Outliers in Regression Problems

New featured content for data scientists:

Data Science in Python: Pandas Cheat Sheet -- This cheat sheet, along with explanations, was first published on DataCamp. Click on the picture to zoom in. To view other cheat sheets (Python, R, Machine Learning, Probability, Visualizations, Deel Learning, Data Science, and so on) click here. To read the article,…


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Tutorial: Neutralizing Outliers in Any Dimension

The main focus of this article is on computing the point that minimizes the sum of the "distances" to n points in a d-dimensional space, called centroid or center, in the presence of outliers. 

This long article has several sections.


1. A related physics problem

2. Algorithm to find the centroid

  • Source code to generate points and compute centroid, using Monte…

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46 SQL Job Interview Questions for Data Scientists

Here is our updated selection of featured articles and resources posted over the weekend:


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Ten Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice

This article, written by Kass RE, Caffo BS, Davidian M, Meng X-L, Yu B, and Reid N, contains the following rules:

  • Statistical Methods Should Enable Data to Answer Scientific Questions
  • Signals Always Come with Noise
  • Plan Ahead, Really Ahead
  • Worry about Data Quality
  • Statistical Analysis Is More Than a Set of Computations
  • Keep it Simple
  • Provide Assessments of Variability
  • Check Your Assumptions
  • When Possible,…

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