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100 Savvy Sites on Statistics and Quantitative Analysis

From OnlineMathDegrees. It's broken down in different categories: 

  • Comprehensive Statistics Sites
  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Biostatistics
  • Socioeconomic & Political Analysis
  • R Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Sports Stats

Check out the entire listBelow is one of the categories:

Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data and Machine Learning are two of the hottest topics in the tech startup community now. Massive companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are finding more ways to gather user data and monetize it by selling advertisements based on demographic info, or even selling the data itself. Smaller companies are also getting in on the action as it becomes more and more clear that consumer data is one of the most valuable commodities around.

  1. Byte Mining

    Byte Mining

    Byte Mining is run by Ryan Rosario, a current PhD candidate at UCLA. The blog is centered around his views on data mining, programming languages and open source technology.

    Astute EntrySummary of My First Trip to Strata

  2. AnalyticBridge Blogs

    Analytic Bridge

    Analytic Bridge is the blog for Data Science Central, a resource for those who work in big data. The blog covers an expansive range of topics and how big data plays into each of them.

    Astute EntryHere’s What Your Home Will Be Worth in 12 Months

  3. Cloudera


    Cloudera leads the industry on software and services based on Apache Hadoop. Primarily, they deal with big data and how it is used within companies. They work in a variety of secotrs, some of whicvh include telecommunications, media, bioinformatics, healthcare, oil, gaming, among others.

    Astute EntryHow-To: Analyze Twitter Data with Hue

  4. Messy Matters

    Messy Matters

    Messy Matters is run by Daniel Reeves, the Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research in New York City. The blog looks at the interworkings of big data, but also his commentary on a variety of topics currently in the news.

    Astute EntryLies, Damned Lies, Rape, and Statistics

  5. Mango Solutions

    Mango Solutions

    Mango Solutions is a data analysis company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Because of their data analysis services, they’re able to also provide training, consulting, and software.

    Astute EntryServices

  6. Infochimps


    Infochimps’ goal is to simplify big data by making collection and analysis easier and more accessible for retailers and businesses of all sorts. The site was founded by data scientists who have extensive experience on the material.

    Astute EntrySolutions

  7. Nuit Blanche

    Nuit Blanche

    Nuit Blanche covers big data, comprehensive sensing, and advanced matrix factorization techniques. Their goal is to give a concise picture, or at least one with more clarity, to those who have less experience with big data.

    Astute EntryLiving On the Edge: A Geometric Theory of Phase Transitions in Conv...

  8. Hilary Mason

    Hilary Mason

    Hilary Mason is extremely vocal active in data science and the startup community. She is Chief Scientist at bitly, and has co-founded numerous other groups in the New York area.

    Astute EntryWhy Google Now is Awesome

  9. Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media

    Data Mining Text Mining Visualization and Social Media

    Matthew Hurst manages Data Mining and examines particular topics individually so that he is able to expand on them appropriately.

    Astute EntryParticipation and Observation in Search

  10. Edwin Chen’s Blog

    Edwin Chen

    Edwin Chen is a Data Scientist at Twitter and majored in Math and Statistics at MIT. His blog posts all look at Big Data and search queries.

    Astute EntryImproving Twitter Search with Real Time Human Computation

  11. Machine Learning (Theory)

    Machine Learning Theory

    Machine Learning (Theory) is run by John Langford, a Doctor of Learning at Microsoft Research. Posts on the blog typically cover Big Data and wide-scale learning via machines.

    Astute EntryDeep Learning 2012

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