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18 Projects for Data Scientists in Training.

With data sets and instructions and help provided. Great for people completing a master degree in data science or related fields, or just for fun.

Project #8: Detecting Fake Reviews

18 Sample Projects

  • Clustering 2,000+ data science websites
  • RSS Feed Exchange
  • Analize 40,000 web pages to optimize content
  • URL shortener that correctly counts traffic
  • Meaningful list and categorization of top data scientists
  • Data science website
  • Creating niche search engine and taxonomy
  • Detecting Fake Reviews
  • Improving Google search
  • Fixing Facebook's text detection in images
  • Create your own, legit lottery
  • Spurious correlations in big data, how to detect and fix it
  • Robust, simple, multi-usage regression tool for automated data science
  • Cracking the maths that make all financial transactions secure
  • Great random number generator
  • Solve the Law of Series problem
  • Zipf's law
  • Stochastic Processes

Read the detailed project list, here

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