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200 machine learning and data science resources

This list was started a while back and rather small, but it grew up to 200+ articles in the past few weeks. It will reach 400+ when completed. Essentially, this is the best of all our weekly digests. Also, it features all the articles (double-starred in red) that will be part of my upcoming book Data Science 2.0.

So if you missed many of our recent tweets, here's a chance to see all this content at once, on one web page. Click here to view it.

Note that this is different from our list of top external content, available separately from this page (see external resources and articles).

Finally, I completed the Monday 12/22 weekly digest (to be published Monday). You can check it out on our main website, It contains fewer articles from me than usual, but many more from external bloggers.

Enjoy the reading!


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