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Breakfast is the first meal of the day for the majorities around the globe. I have read studies that prove eating breakfast assists in a higher performance at school and/or work. It fills your body with fuel to get through the day successfully. And it's been proven that breakfast fuel keeps people thinner. Breakfast is a body regulator that allows the metabolism to properly function.

And guess what else?

Even if I'm not prepared to sit down and eat breakfast, I'll take it to go or pick something up on the way to my morning destination. Breakfast can actually be rumored to be my favorite meal of the day. Okay... it's not a rumor, it's true!

Sometimes when I'm eating breakfast, I wonder what is being consumed for breakfast in other countries. Breakfast intrigues me. I eat all kinds of stuff at breakfast, but never eggplant. Eggplant is lunch and dinner stuff.

Where was I going with this..... There is always at least one (1) fruit and one (1) dairy serving at breakfast too. Let's see what kinds of breakfast I've enjoyed during the span of my 36 years alive (in not particular order)......
1) Cereal (anything Kellog's, a couple General Mills and some Post) 2) Oatmeal from scratch 3) Cereal Bars 4) PopTarts 5) Halva and prunes 6) Cinnamon Rolls 7) Pancakes 8) Waffles 9) Tofu Scramble 10) Cheese Omelets 11) Veggie Omelets 12) Biscuits baked with cheese and Yves Veggie Breakfast Sausage 13) Cottage Cheese and 1/4 cup of nuts 14) Yogurt & Granola 15) McDonald's Combo hold the meat and swap the coffee for orange juice 16) Texas Toast with a poached egg and marinated roasted peppers 17) Muffins 18) English Muffins 19) Bagels 20) Kraft Bagelfuls 21) Cheese and fruit with honey 22) Cream of Wheat 23) Halva, Naan and Curried Chickpeas 24) Strawberry Shortcakes 25) Strawberry-Filled Crepes 26) Ukma 27) Guacamole with cheese, blue fingerlings, toast and cheese 28) Tomato Coulis (Trinidad Style) with Roti and Mango Achar 29) Cheese Grits 30) Flavored oatmeal in a packet 31) Crossiants (Fruit, Chocolate and Almond) 32) Kahlua and Cream 33) French Toast 34) Cream Cheese and Jelly on whole wheat bread 35) Hard Boiled Egg with Hebrew National Sausage 36) 2 Oranges and 2 Hard Boiled Eggs 37) Hollywood Diet Cookies 38) Banana Bread 39) Fresh Berries with Muesli 40) Egg Pastries with Cheese and herbs like parsley 41) Fruit Smoothies 42) Protein Drinks 43) Juice (Fruit & Vegetables) 44) Protein Bar (Power, Balance, Luna) 45) Pita Bread with banana, cheddar cheese and honey 46) Scrambled eggs with herbed potato hash 47) Quiche 48) Grilled Cheese 49) Jamaican Plantain Pie 50) Cuban Bread with lots of butter, grilled & Cafe Con Leche 51) Guava Pastries and Coconut Water 52) Cold pizza 53) Peanut butter & fruit preserves.......

And for the moment, I think that's the end of my list.

Feel free to make your own list up. It's kind of a fun thing to do. Yeah!

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