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Starting a career search is a process. It should be a short one. But with the economy at some strange turn, there are more job seekers. Competition seems higher.

Dating-to-marriage a lot more complicated than the many claims that I've heard. And not being a married woman, I have no other choice but to be career-orient. The career-hunt has become more challenging.

Since graduation from Nyack College, I hired two (2) agencies for assistance (The Barrett Group and Global Career Management). It was a waste of my time, money and energy. I did learn a few things, however, it's also written in many books. Paid friendships. Sad, but too true.

And the aim for my career again continue. Besides job hunting, I must stay occupied. Reading fiction, magazines, cookbooks, exercise and watching television can get boring. It's not really boring. I think the act of coming home to want something or do something seems more rewarding. Blogging does carry a limited amount of satisfaction. Maybe, that's why I'm here blogging.

Anyhow.... earlier today, there was the article about a man in California that was job hunting for a few months and couldn't handle it. He was a Financial Analysis for many years and recently placed under an investigation. Ends up that he committed homicide (grandparents, wife and children) and suicide. My heart cries.

Minutes later, I read about Richard Fuld, Lehman CEO on CNN. He is under investigation for a salary of $480 million dollars over the course of six or seven years. Lehman has a Board of Directors too. I think a salary of $2.5 million a year with company benefits (or a stipend package equal to 1/3 of the given salary) would be more than ample for man in Fuld's position. And I can't stop wondering..... Did he really take away 500 jobs to make that salary? What about the other Board Members? What did they make? How many jobs were really lost due to their intense materialism? Is the stock market directly connected to their salaries?!

The news is just so stressful.

Well..... I should become a contestant on a game show such as the Wheel of Fortune or Price Is Right. Win the heart of the game show host... some money... new appliances... perhaps a house.... an exotic trip.... etc.....

Life would be so luxurious and simple. Mmmhhhhhhh!

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