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Having read from great authors and researchers, I had always taken the definition of data mining for granted. Following the tradiitons of Occam's Razor, I tried to summarize one myself but felt the difficulty of covering the entire spectrum of data mining which is ever evolving. Anyways, here is my try...

Data Mining is a process of extraction of non-trivial patterns from massive datasets which either provides descriptive insights of the data (not perceived without this extraction) or provides actionable intelligence (in the form of reusable patterns which the process extracted). Where actionable intelligence is a structure of explicitly representable patterns which can be used for decision making either manually or computationally.

What do you think about it? Any Comments/Critics....?

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Comment by Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen on March 14, 2008 at 2:56am
What is Data Mining? Please check

You may also want to check the pages
in order to know what statistical thinking and what statistics are, and get a feel about their relation to data mining.
Comment by Vincent Granville on February 27, 2008 at 11:18pm
I created the term data shaping to fill a gap between data mining and statistics. Many people told me that pretty much nobody meets the criteria to be a data shaper. The very few who do have the highest salaries in the analytical community -- and most of them are not working in a regular employee contract.

What does Data Shaping mean?

The term was created in 1999 to fill a gap between data mining and statistics. Data shaping is about employing advanced statistical techniques to problems usually handled by computer scientists (machine learning, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, web mining). A data shaper is a true software engineer or computer scientist, and a true statistician at the same time, capable of extracting actionable information from large data sets, in production mode, to optimize business.

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