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The biggest challenge of 2007 for statisticians was the pressing demand for real-world explanations and applications of statistical concepts. On one hand, statisticians found relief in not having to focus so much of their time on inspiring trust in the number-crunching methods. A techno-driven quasi-dependence on quantitative intel set such concerns on the back-burner. On the other hand, businesses and consumers united in expressing a supposedly simple request -- "Ok, so show me how I can USE this!"

The schism between the demand for valid statistical techniques and the need for application is not all that wide. Indeed, there is a fine line between "Show me so I can trust" and "Show me so I can use". The former puts the burden of proof on the statistician. Having accomplished this, the latter requires integrity, responsibility, and accountability; hence, the burden of proof is still on the statistician to ensure that applications are connected to reliable and valid statistical methods.

With this said, through 2008, AlphaPoint05 remains resolved in providing useful, transparent, and informative interpretations of statistical methods. Alas, it is incumbent upon us to narrow the divide between "the math" and "the real world" even further. We strive to continue to use creative verbal analogies and attractive graphs. However, we also strive to maintain a strong link between your deliverables and the most rigorous, validated statistical techniques available.


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